hydroponics, controlled environment growing

Better control over your environment and a purer finished product.

consistent growth, healthier food

Consistent growth and a more consistent nutritional level.

vertical growing, space utilization

Vertical growth provides for better space utilization and saves the land for other things.

Green Products And Services

  • Green Energy

    We offer design, installation and consulting on a complete line of alternative energy products. Learn More >>>
  • Smart Homes

    . Our smart homes start with protecting the environment around the home and using sustainabale buidling products, making the home energy efficient and utilizing self contained waste management. Learn More >>>
  • Environmental Protection

    Mother Earth has given us so much and we have put nothing back. Help protect mother earth. Learn More >>>
  • Green Business Sustainability

    Learn how to make your business more green by using best business practices. Businesses that go green have proven to perform better, have happier and healthier employees and increase profits. Learn More >>>

Additional Services And Products

  • Wind Products

    We carry a complete line of wind generating products including parts and installation service Learn More >>>
  • Solar Panel Systems

    We have an extensive line of solar panel systems including hybrid wind and solar Learn More >>>
  • Organic Gardening

    Our organic gardening line keeps your food healthier and more nutritious Learn More >>>
  • Hydroponics

    Grow your own vegetables in a "true organic" fashion by using a hydroponic system. Learn More >>>